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Due: 25 April 2005

[All questions are worth ten points except for #1 which is worth 20]

Important: Rules for submitting homework:
1. All homework sheets must be stapled in the upper left hand corner; not paperclipped, not paper folded over, stapled.
2. All homeworks must have writing only on one side of the page (this makes it easier for me to grade.
3. Put your name on each homework sheet you submit.
4. Homeworks not conforming to these rules will lose ten percent of their credit.

1. Consider a projectile on the edge of a vertical cliff. The projectile is shot horizontally with an initial velocity of 30 m/s. Construct a table similar to the one done in class showing the horizontal speed of the projectile, the vertical speed of the projectile, the horizontal distance traveled from the time of launch, the vertical distance traveled from the time of launch, and the total speed of the projectile at t =0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 seconds (with t=0 being the moment of launch).
If the object is in the air for five seconds, how far will it have travelled horizontally during this time? For this problem, ignore all effects of air friction. [This problem is worth 20 pts]

2. Using real graph paper, use the data computed in Problem 1 and plot the position of the object throughout its trip. Assume as in problem one that the object is in motion for five seconds before hitting the ground. You should be able to reproduce (using the equation d = 1/2 gt2 that this means your projectile begins its motion 125 meters (using a value of g=10 m/s/s) above the ground. Your graph should plot height above the ground as a function of horizontal distance covered at t=0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 secs after launch.

3. p. 84 # 22

4. p. 84 #28

5. p. 84 #30

6. p. 101 # 19

7. p. 101 #21

8. p. 101 #22

9. p. 102 #29

10. p. 102 #33

11. p. 102 #37

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