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Weather Links

Click here for the current North American weather map.

  • The tropical weather page is an excellent source for tracking tropical storms and hurricanes.

  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides an excellent site containing almost everything you could ask about hurricanes.

  • The University of Illinois Weather Project is a first rate compendium of explanations, graphics, animations and resources to explain important meteorological events and concepts. Highly recommended for students in any weather course and anyone wishing to understand the physics behind weather phenomena.

  • The University of Michigan weather site gives links to over 300 weather sites.

  • Current weather data and maps are available from the University of Wisconsin site. You can choose from a variety of either surface or upper air maps. From the main page, click on "current observation maps", then on either "surface" or "upper air maps."

  • The weather in Latin is provided here for those with a more classical bent.

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