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Course Information

Physics 301/Math 355

  • For physics and math majors
  • Text (Required): Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics by Felder and Felder

Physics 314

  • Course required for all physics majors
  • Text (Required): Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems by Thornton and Marion

Physics 111

  • An algebra/trig based introductory physics course.
  • Text (Required): College Physics by Young/Sears/Zemansky (10th edition)

Physics 380

  • Math Methods II
  • A 3-hour elective for upper level physics majors
  • Text (Required): Boas, the same text we used in Phys 301

Physics 328

  • For advanced physics majors
  • Text (Required): Thermal Physics by Schroeder

Natural Science 395

  • For undergraduates in the School of Education

Natural Science 105

  • For undergraduates in the School of Education

Physics 473

  • The physics of energy

Physics 477

  • For inservice middle school teachers

Physics 412

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