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Natural Science 105

An introduction to basic physics, this section of NTSC 105 will be dedicated to students in Loyola's School of Education who are seeking a degree in elementary education or pursuing the new degree in science education. This section of the course is being designed with the needs of future teachers in mind. Classes will combine both content knowledge and pedagogy by involving a series of in class activities that can be used in their future teaching careers.

The course will meet on M, W from 11:30-2:30 in the new Life Sciences Building . The class will not meet for those weeks during which the students will be doing their field assignments, hence the need for somewhat longer meetings.

Please review the syllabus for the course.


Assignment #1 due Monday 24 Jan. 2005

Assignment #2 due 31 Jan. 2005

Assignment #4 due 30 March 2005

Assignment #5 due 4 April 2005 (solutions will be posted on line)

Assignment #6 due 25 April 2005.

Assignment #7 due 5 pm 29 April 2005.

Solutions for Homework #5

Solutions for Homework #6

Solutions for Homework #7

Class Notes

26 Jan 2005

10 March 2005

27 April 2005

The First Hour Exam

Solutions for the First Hour Exam

The Second Hour Exam

Solutions for the Second Hour Exam

Information About the Final Exam

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