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Natural Science 395

This is the course website for Natural Science 395. Please visit this site frequently; all homework assignments will be posted here, as well as detailed solutions to all homeworks.

You can always view the syllabus here.

Follow the link to download the National Academies Press report Rising Above the Gathering Storm.

Homework Assignments & Solutions

Class Notes

  • Jan 27: Read the guidelines for the discussions of Rising Above the Gathering Storm

  • Jan. 27: Describing the angle of elevation using the H/L Ratio.

  • Feb. 10For background information and next week's assignments, read about graphing and interpreting data.

  • Feb. 17: Review these notes about next week's hour exam.

  • Feb. 17:Tonight we will examine some of the mathematics of motion.

  • March 3:I have posted solutions to the first hour exam .

  • March 24:We will use this write up about using the quadrant for tonight's activities and next week's assignments.

  • April 6:Several students have asked me to post supplementary problem to hone their skills for the next test. Solutions are now posted..

  • April 7:Notes for the second hour exam have been posted.

  • April 14:The spreadsheet for the cooling curve data taken last week is posted. Follow the instructions from last week's lab and use these data for the assignment you will submit next week.

  • April 21:I have postedsolutions for the second hour exam.

  • April 21:We will do an activity to help understand size and scale in the solar system.

  • April 28 : Notes for the final exam have been posted..

  • May 1 : Final exam practice problems. Solutions are posted.

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