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Physics 314:
Theoretical Mechanics

This is the course website for Physics 314 Theoretical Mechanics Please visit this site frequently; all homework assignments will be posted here, as well as detailed solutions to all homeworks. These solutions will be made available for public viewing as soon as homework is collected in at the beginning of class. This site will also post a series of classnotes to elucidate issues raised in class and provide greater detail about some of the topics we cover in class.

You can always view the syllabus here.

The software platform Mathematica will be used extensively in this course. Mathematica is loaded on all Loyola network machines, and Loyola students can download a version for your own computer by going to the its mathematica webpage . You will need your Loyola id and password to gain access to this page. The page will give you all the information needed to download a copy of mathematica to your own machine.

Homework Assignments & Solutions